Green Street Mailer Terms & Conditions of Service


Postal Delivery and Handling: Upon request, Green Street Mailer will provide a copy of the appropriate USPS form as proof of mailing.  Client agrees that this document shall constitute proof of delivery.  Green Street Mailer will not be responsible for delays in delivery, damage to mail pieces, or loss of mail that has been accepted by the USPS.


Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM):  Mailings are prepared for the USPS’s EDDM program in accordance with published guidelines.  Green Street Mailer is not responsible for any issues resulting from changes made by the USPS that occur after a mailing is prepared. 


Quotations:  Prices are valid for thirty (30) days from date of written quote.  Green Street Mailer reserves the right to end any special offers, incentives, or pricing at any time and has the right to refuse or cancel any order quoted at an incorrect price.


Payment Terms/Sales Tax:  Green Street Mailer requires payment in full with order placement, except for customers preapproved for credit.  For those customers, no orders will be printed nor mailed until a Green Street Mailer invoice is signed and returned from the client authorizing payment.  Green Street Mailer collects sales taxes on purchases made within the state of Georgia. If your order qualifies for sales tax exemption, you must provide a valid Georgia Resale Certificate at the time of order.


Order Cancellation:  Orders may be cancelled prior to approval of final proof. Cancellations must be in writing, addressed to the Green Street Mailer sales representative.  Upon proper cancellation, a full refund or credit will be issued based on the order amount minus the cost for work already performed. No refunds or company credits will be issued for orders cancelled after final approval.


Acceptance of Order:  Green Street Mailer may refuse to mail any copy, photographs, or illustrations it judges to be immoral, illegal, false or inappropriate.  The client will defend and hold Green Street Mailer harmless in any lawsuit or court action brought for alleged damages, costs, expenses, liabilities or losses resulting from circumstances where Green Street Mailer, acting as the customer’s agent, produces and mails a mailer approved by the client.


Proofs:  The client is 100% responsible for proofreading. This includes designs and/or artwork submitted by the client and designs and/or artwork created or modified by Green Street Mailer. 


Production Schedule and Turnaround Time:  Green Street Mailer’s turnaround for production and delivery to the U.S. Post Office is typically 5-7 business days after final proof approval. For quicker turnarounds, if possible, a 10% upcharge will be added to the client’s quote.  Standard delivery is typically 7-14 days after the job enters the USPS mail stream.  Green Street Mailer has no control over the U.S. Postal Service’s schedule and cannot guarantee when mail will be delivered.


Color:  Because of the differences in equipment, paper, inks, and other conditions, a variance between electronic proofs and the completed job is expected, unavoidable, and shall constitute acceptable delivery.  Green Street Mailer makes every effort to produce a reasonable representation of the proof but does not guarantee color matching.


Printing and Mailing Quantities:  Printing and mailing services are provided using high speed automated production equipment.  Some waste is normal with most production processes; +/- 5% of ordered quantity shall constitute satisfactory completion of the order.


Ownership of Materials and Designs:  All materials and electronic files that Green Street Mailer creates are the property of Green Street Mailer. Green Street Mailer reserves the right to distribute samples of the client’s mail piece or images and to reuse concepts and artwork created by Green Street Mailer in designs for other clients.


Mailing Lists:  Unless otherwise specified, all mailing lists purchased through Green Street Mailer are provided for a one-time-use and remain the property of Green Street Mailer.  The industry standard for returns of non-deliverable mail is between 10-15%.  Green Street Mailer only assumes responsibility for mail returned due to faulty mailing list information that exceeds 15%.  To obtain credit, the client must return ALL returned mail pieces to Green Street Mailer. Credits must be used within one year of issue. Green Street Mailer will not issue any credits for returned mail when client provides the mailing list used for the mailing.


Errors and Response in Mailing:  Damages shall be limited to the value of the work performed, excluding cost of postage.  At its discretion, Green Street Mailer will either refund the services cost of the project (excluding postage) or prepare a corrected mailing. For corrected mailings, the client is responsible for the postage to mail the corrected mailing.  In no case is Green Street Mailer responsible for loss of business, incidental or consequential damages, or costs in excess of billing for services related to the specific job. Green Street Mailer does not guarantee response rates and no  refunds will be given based on response rates.


Severability of Provisions: If any of the provisions of this document are found unenforceable in a court of law, the remainder of the provisions shall remain in full force and effect.