What to consider when planning a direct mail campaign

Before starting any sort of direct mail marketing or advertising campaign, you need to ask yourself questions about three specific things:



What is my goal?


What do I hope to accomplish with this direct mail piece? Am I trying to reach old customers of my business who are no longer patrons and offer them a great incentive for coming back?

Am I trying to introduce myself and my services to new people with whom I’ve never done business, and show them who I am?


Am I interested in selling a certain product, recruiting for a specific job, introducing a new concept, gaining support for a certain cause, soliciting for a worthy charity?


Direct mail campaigns are a great way to do all of the above, but before you spend money on any such effort you need to make sure your goal is clear.



What is my message?



I have the potential to affordably reach thousands of people through a direct mail campaign. What do I want to tell them?



Maybe I want them to see a well-designed modern graphic that offers a very colorful and visual presentation of my message.



Maybe I need to show them with pictures the product in which I hope to interest them, or with graphs the data I need to present.



Maybe I just want to use heartfelt words and a photo of myself to ask for their support, or to introduce myself to them.


Direct mail of printed materials in a marketing or advertising campaign offers an infinite number of ways to present a message in support of a specific goal. Which one is right for what you need?




Who is my target audience?



Is my message most likely to resonate with young couples, families with children, or maybe senior citizens?



Are the owners of houses in a certain price range most likely to benefit from my services?



Would young people in less affluent neighborhoods be most likely to be interested in the job I’m trying to fill?



Should I target boat owners, or renters, or a certain demographic?



The beauty of targeted mailing lists available for direct mail campaigns is that they can be sorted and filtered numerous ways to make sure your message is reaching the audience most likely to help you obtain your goal.



With the use of customized and targeted mailing lists, direct mail campaigns allow you to focus your efforts where they are likely to do the most good, providing you with the most efficient return for your marketing dollar.



Whether you need help defining your goal, clarifying your message or targeting your audience, the professional staff at a direct mail company can provide you with the help you need to use the power of the postal service to communicate with audiences of virtually any size.